Wednesday, May 26, 2010

5 Reasons to Move in the Summer

Home buying and selling activity is typically hottest during the summer months. Here are five top reasons you should take advantage of the season and make the move this summer.

1. More homes to choose from
More people choose to sell during the summer due to nicer weather and school schedules. With a larger number of homes on the market, you’re more likely to find a home that suits your lifestyle and budget. If you’re thinking of selling, you’ll find a greater number of potential buyers in the summer.

2. Easier on the kids
The variety of summer programs available makes it easier for your children to meet future schoolmates. Kids are also playing outside more, which gives them lots of opportunities to make friends in their own neighborhood. Not to mention they’ll be able to start in the beginning of the school year and avoid the obvious new-kid syndrome.

3. More daylight
This is a plus for both sides of a transaction—buying and selling. It’s more appealing to show your house in the daylight.

4. Flowers are in bloom
As long as you water regularly, your curb appeal will be maximized by the lush and fragrant summer-blooming flowers. This also gives buyers a good idea of the amount of maintenance to expect to keep your yard looking beautiful.

5. Garage sale season
This is the perfect time to get rid of clutter. Your house will appear more spacious to your potential buyers, plus you’ll have less stuff to haul to your new home. Invite your neighbors to participate and make it a block sale for better attendance.

If you’re planning on buying this summer, get an advantage over the competition by getting pre-approved now. Whether you’re buying your first home, or selling your current home and buying another, the summer is an ideal time to make YOUR move.

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